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Please note: In some videos, it seems that after entering information, Simply Invoice finds or calculates the information automatically. This is not always true. In some instances the user is pressing the 'Enter/Return Key' after typing in information. For example in the 'Get customer details quickly', 'Pay an invoice' and 'Change quantities and delete rows' videos.

Edit your header layouts Click here
Create and then open a new/blank database Click here
Create a new user with restrictions Click here

System settings screen-
Setup system settings Click here
Insert your own business logo Click here

Invoice screen-
Create a new invoice (Way 1 - None USA Customers Only) Click here
Create a new invoice (Way 2 - None USA Customers Only) Click here
Create a new invoice (Way 3 - None USA Customers Only) Click here
Create a new invoice for an existing returning customer Click here
Create a new invoice (USA Customers Only) Click here
Invoice print preview Click here
Notice out of stock invoice items Click here
Change quantities and delete rows Click here
Pay an invoice Click here
Change invoice coupon text Click here
Give an invoice a percentage discount Click here
Email an invoice to a customer Click here
View cost and profit in an invoice Click here
Customers on stop in quotes and invoices Click here
Print preview and print invoice payments list Click here
Add extra text to an invoice Click here

Quotes screen-
Get customer details quickly Click here
Use the quote profit meter Click here
Using a quote template Click here
Convert a quote into an invoice Click here

Items screen-
Creating an item category and sub category (Way 1) Click here
Creating an item category and sub category (Way 2) Click here
Enter new stock item Click here
Edit stock item and view print preview Click here
View item details Click here
View current stock value Click here
View stock list Click here
Update all sell prices by using their cost price as a guide Click Here
Import your own stock via a CSV file Click here

Contacts screen-
View customer account payments Click here
View customer account statement Click here
View customers unpaid invoices Click here
Export filtered contacts to a CSV file Click here
Popup customer notes in Quotes and Invoices Click here
Put a customer on stop Click here
Add customer using the Royal Mail online postcode database (UK Only) Click here
View customers location using Google maps Click here

Sales and Purchases screen-
View unpaid invoice list Click here
View filtered accounts Click here
View selected month daily sales Click here

Purchase Order-
Receive and then lock a purchase order Click here

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